World Day of Prayer (Week commencing 5 March)

World Day of Prayer (Week commencing 5 March)

  • God thank you for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. We ask you to be with us in this service and help us to learn about your kindness to us. We pray that you would help us to show that same kindness to others around us
  • God is not unfair – He is kind, but our world often is unfair. God asks us to help Him by showing the same kindness He has towards others. He wants us to notice when others are being treated unfairly and to do what we can to help them
  • May we notice when things are unfair and help us to be strong enough to speak out for justice

Fact box

Prayers taken from World Day of Prayer service for children – this year held at 2.00pm in St Patrick’s on Friday 3 March (all welcome)

Material prepared by women from The Philippines. The country comprises over 7000 islands and the population is over 100m

Most of the population identify as Christian

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