Service of Linkage

Service of Linkage

The Service of Linkage between Dumbarton: Riverside and Dumbarton: The West Kirk, and Ian Johnson’s Introduction as Minister at The West Kirk, will take place on Tuesday 26th August 2014 at 7pm in The West Kirk.

Notice is being given now so that people can note the date in their diaries.

It will mark the beginning of a new phase in ministry for both congregations and all are encouraged to attend.  Once all has been confirmed letters of invitation will be sent out to members.


3 thoughts on “Service of Linkage

  1. Cameron

    At the Service of Linkage on 26th August 2014 we will be using the occiasion to help raise funds for the Church of Scotland World Mission Project “A place at the table”A Place at the Table

    Since 2011, the war in Syria has been raging, leading to the displacement of around 6 million people, 4 million of whom have remained in Syria living as refugees in their own country. Two million have fled to neighbouring countries, with some returning to Syria because the conditions in the Refugee Camps are so awful. We have watched the horror unfold on our TV screen and sometimes feel ‘what can we do’?

    This project asks you to consider setting an extra place at your table or an extra place in a restaurant and giving the money you would have spent on that extra meal to Syria. By setting ‘A Place at the Table’ you can feed up to 5 people for a month.

  2. Ron Boyd

    Just a note to wish you well in your new chapter in linkage with Riverside. I remember my time in the West Kirk with great affection.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sadly I work on Tuesday evenings or I would have come through for the service of linkage.



    1. Cameron

      Thanks very much Ron for thinking of us – both congregations are enthusiastic about the linkage, and the opportunities it brings.

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